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Piggin String

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Our White strings are made of the best 100% nylon materials and then individually spun on our machine. Each eye is hand tied ensuring that it will be straight and smooth. They are then waxed with our own penetrative wax that ensures good body and weight allowing a tight, fast tie. They come in sizes 1/4 scant, 1/4", 1/4" full, and 5/16" and all lay from extra soft to hard. With all the options we offer your sure to find a string that fits you and will let you get em tied tight and get em tied right.


Our Orange string is a blend of 100% nylon and just the right amount of poly. We spent two years developing this string and can now say that this is the best string we have ever made. The extra weight that the poly adds helps the tail stay out and away while you tie yet it still has the snappy fast feel of the nylon string.


The newest sting we have is the blue poly blend. There isn’t as much poly in the blue which makes it a perfect blend between the white and Orange strings. We’ve had a lot of positive reviews in the testing of this string and now are comfortable offering it to everyone.